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Chief Legal Officer
for Your Small Business

As Chief Legal Officer for Your Small Business, I am available for
legal advice whenever you need me. You can have the same advantage
that the world’s largest and most successful businesses have, their
attorney a phone call away. For a fair & reasonable monthly retainer,
you can call whenever you have questions, without worrying about
getting a bill every time you call. You won’t have to re-introduce yourself
every time you have a concern. I can help reduce your risk and protect
your business.

Chief Legal Officer
for Your Health Care Practice

As Chief Legal Officer of your Health Care Practice, I am essentially a concierge attorney for your practice. I am there to listen and help you make the right decisions. I can help you become more profitable and better protected. Whatever legal issues face the business of your practice, I can provide you with solutions and protection. Whether it is a HIPAA compliance question, an employee issue, your contracts or forms, a merger, or lease terms, I can help because I will know your practice.By joining with me, you will have known fixed costs, for your legal help, and you will have help available whenever you need it.